Marine Repair

Afloat Ship Repairs in Singapore A&A Techno -Engineering and Services Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1990 with the intention of providing to ship owners and managers a wide spectrum of afloat repair works that can be executed while the vessel is Outside Port Limits (O.P.L) or in Singapore anchorage waters.The relative calmness of the waters around Singapore throughout the year and the easy availability of boats that are able to carry equipments and engineering teams to the vessel facilitate a number of repair works which can be undertaken while the vessel is engaged in other activities such as bunkering and the taking of provisions and stores.

Reconditioning of Equipments & Components

In-situ repair of yr engine and deck machineries and equipments.
We off-land items for reconditioning from the vessels at anchorages or at berth. We get them serviced and delivered back to the vessel with minimum delays at reasonable price.
Servicing of faulty navigational equipment such as gyrocompass and radar.
Underwater inspection and other underwater works such as removal of barnacle growth and polishing of ship’s propeller.
Servicing of lifeboats and life-rafts and testing of the same.
We regularly carry out reconditioning of exhaust valves, cylinder heads, piston crowns and other major components of diesel engines.
We keep stock of engine parts particularly for Yanmar, Daihatsu etc.
Steel works & hull repair.
Deck pipe line renewal.
Installing and alignment of pump room machineries.
Fabrication works as per sample or drawings Fire extinguishers / Davit / life saving equipments testing and approvals.
Riding Crew supply.
Supply of manpower – Welders, fitters, riggers, machinist etc.
Tank cleaning, demucking, deslopping.
Sludge removal and disposal of slop.


General Ship Repair

Technical service of marine machinerie.
DAIHATSU diesel engine servicing.
Manufacturing of various parts of machineries.
Bearing Remetalling.
Cylinder liner honing.
Turbo charger repair and balancing – IHI VTR, MHI MET, HOLSET.
Electric motor rewinding.
M/E remote control & safety device.
Boiler ACC and safety device.
General ship repairs.


General Ship Repair

Diesel engine cylinder cover
Turbo-charger casing
Diesel engine piston crown
Pump casing and compressor casing
Diesel engine exhaust valve spindle and seat
Fuel injection valve, nozzle tip, plunger and barrel
Aluminum and cast iron piston crown
Diesel engine cylinder column, crankcase and bed
Metal spray for piston rod
Connecting rod